Quick Review: Q Strap

My  first review:- go easy on me 😛

Q Strap quick review.

I recently received a Q Strap Single as a birthday present (thanks Pascal, you shouldn’t have).

Having endured the stock Canon EOS DSLR strap for over two years now, the difference is night and day. As I had mentioned before in a post on my blog, the stock straps from DSLR manufacturers couldn’t be more uncomfortable if they were made from barbed wire.

What I like:

Easily adjustable strap (once you figure it out – no documentation included).

Extremely comfortable padded section. Zip up section to store memory cards etc.

What I would change:

The L Plate that attached to the camera base for a smaller ring type attachment.

A small insert with instructions/diagrams of how to set the strap lengths.


All told a decent piece of kit. Comfortable and easy to use, if slightly difficult to setup if like me, you only have experience with the stock camera straps. Price wise, according to my benefactor, a third of the price of an equivalent Black Rapid strap.

Added note: In my opinion, for the paltry price, manufacturers should ditch the crappy stock straps and bundle the Q Strap as part of the kit.



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