I’m not a very good photographer

I came to the terrifying realisation last night that I am not a very good photographer.

This crushing fact was thrown in my face when I was uploading the photo below to Facebook.

Now, some of you might be thinking “hey now, that’s not such a bad photo. Nice clear shot, good light, pretty decent angle and so forth”.

The problem is, this photo wasn’t taken by me with my DSLR, or my fancy prosumer lens. It was taken on a school trip by my 8 year old daughter using a 2.1MP, 8 year old Fuji A203 camera.

This, as you can imagine, comes as quite a blow to my ego. The fact that I would’ve probably “uhm’d and ahh’d” about settings, light, DOF and the like and STILL not achieved a comparable result is disturbing to say the least.

This got me thinking and I went trolling through some of my early photo’s. Four of the best pictures I have ever taken were with the humble A203. (2 below)

It is at this point that I realised; I am trying to hard. Every shot has to be a masterpiece. It must be the perfect composition. I expect to much of my equipment and my own ability.

To this end, I aim to have more fun taking pictures. Not to expect perfection every time and last but not least… enjoy myself.


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