Something I like: Series Review – Generation Kill

Although Generation Kill is not a new series (made in 2008), I have found myself watching it over and over the past couple of weeks.


Generation Kill scores an excellent 8.6/10 in the review in IMDB. The HBO series is based on the book Generation Kill by former Rolling Stone reported Evan Wright who was embedded with 1st Reconnaissance Battalion of the United States Marine Corps during the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The book is based on his time spent embedded with the Marines of Bravo 2 Platoon.

GK is not a show that you can watch with kids, or even the wife perhaps. Crude language, some nudity and a very mature theme make this a show for guys pretty much. The humour is coarse and brash and it makes a marked difference to the regular Hollywood style war films.


Sgt. Brad ‘Iceman’ Colbert: The point, Lance Corporal: we’re supposed to be a recon unit of pure warrior spirit. We’re out here, 40 klicks in enemy lines, and this man of God here, he’s a fuckin’ POG. In fact, he’s an officer POG. That’s one more layer of bureaucracy and unnecessary logistics, one more asshole we need to supply MREs and baby wipes for. And worst of all, worst of all, the motherfucker doesn’t even carry a weapon. When push comes to shove even Rolling Stone picks up a gun but this fuckin’ shill of God, he can’t cover a sector, he’ll never hump ammo or Claymores. This is a fuckin’ war and we’re here as warriors, so on top of everything else that’s expected of us do we really need to drag him along and indulge in this make-believe bullshit?

Cpl. Josh Ray Person: Oh, no. Now not only do we have to worry about all the Charms you’ve eaten, but now Brad’s just pissed off God.

Sgt. Brad ‘Iceman’ Colbert: [running around a field with his arms outstretched like an airplane]

Cpl. Josh Ray Person: What did you like give him some Rolling Stone drugs or something?

Evan ‘Scribe’ Wright: I don’t know.

Cpl. Josh Ray Person: What the fuck did you do to him?

Evan ‘Scribe’ Wright: Just asked him what he would be if he wasn’t a Marine.

Cpl. Josh Ray Person: Oh my god, he wants to be a ballerina? That’s my fucking dream!

I give the series a solid 9.5/10, but then again, I am a war and destruction freak.


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