New Toys

So, I finally got my new camera. I am now the proud owner of a little baby EOS 70D. To add a little icing to this lovely cake, there was a 100-400mm L thrown in.


Murphy’s Law has dictated that the much anticipated (on my part at least) ritual arrival of the SAAF Hawk trainer jets over our area for the Rand Easter Show has not materialised so I am at a loss for subject matter to try out my new toys.

Rest assured, I will not waiver until I have found at least ONE subject that is worthy to shoot.



A visit to the 2014 Swartkop Air Force Base last weekend for the annual airshow yielded some interesting results for the 70D/Ef 100-400mm L combo.

First of all, suffering with a pinched nerve cluster in my shoulder and neck, it is DAMN heavy. I trust that once the meds take effect, I will not struggle as much.

The AF is phenomenal (compared to my 500D anyways). Hit rate with fast movers (jets) was around 8 out of 10 which I class as pretty good.

Below are a couple of shots.

IMG_1596 IMG_1383 IMG_1333 IMG_1567 IMG_1529 IMG_1118 IMG_1017 IMG_1397 IMG_0791



2 thoughts on “New Toys”

  1. Subject matter is irrelevant. You got a new camera! Pick a project idea – trash cans, all the shoes you own, wheels, public benches – and just start collecting images. It’s amazing how a new camera can make the mundane highly interesting (and make you feel like an artist in the process ;-D). Enjoy!

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